Mild Above Fog, Dry Weather Continues

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For the foreseeable future the high pressure air mass bringing the dry conditions to the West will not be changing. This will bring little changes in the daily weather through the middle of the week. Clearing is still expected for the second half of the day across those areas that start off with fog & clouds in the morning. This still is going to impact afternoon temperatures though where the fog is most dense.

The Klamath Basin has cleared the fog out significantly compared to this past week. This is allowing temperatures to climb into the 50’s from Klamath Falls to Lakeview. Although Northern Siskiyou County has seen improvements, the low cloud deck and fog has been a little more persistent there. Further south near Mt. Shasta and Dunsmuir though temperatures will continue to climb into the 50’s.

The middle of the week is showing a very weak, moisture lacking cut-off low moving through the area. Any signs of rain will be insignificant and could certainly change by then, so any chances for showers is not in the forecast at this time. This system may only help to break up the clouds/fog across the lower elevations. Once it moves through, the fog & clouds will settle in thick again, if it even breaks from this system.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese