Meeting Prepares Public for Cover Oregon

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MEDFORD, Ore. — With options for change around the corner, about 300 Rogue Valley residents filled the Smullin Center with questions and concerns about the upcoming launch of coveroregon.com.

“They’re all highly engaged, in their health care and their health insurance and the coverage that that health insurance will bring,” said Cover Oregon Spokesperson Elizabeth Cronen.

On October 1st, the website will launch for enrollment. Initially, those looking to enroll will work with someone to help them understand the process, for free. A few weeks later, however, a person could do the comparing and enrolling from the comfort of their home. The option to have some one assist in enrollment will be available and Oregon Action representative Virgina Camberos anticipates helping those who need support enrolling or those without internet.

“As an assister, we’ll be able to do that for them, we’ll be carrying a lap top, we’ll be going to their homes helping them individually fill out the application process,” said Cambros.

Those who attended event said they had their questions answered and some said they will have to see how it will impact them after October 1st. Cover Oregon officials said the audience was focused on their health care coverage.

“How enthusiastic we were to see a really engaged audience and a really large audience come out tonight. It’s no joke that this stuff is potentially complex but we’re here to make it easier and simpler,” said Cronen.