Metro Planning Organization Proposed

MEDFORD, Ore. – Jackson County Commissioners are facing a deadline next March to form a new planning organization, if the county wants to continue receiving federal highway dollars; that was the message Tuesday morning from ODOT Planning and Program Manager Michael Baker.

Baker says newly released census data shows that the area between Grants Pass and Gold Hill has grown to the point where it needs to be included in a share of highway funding, which means Jackson County will now have to come to an agreement with it’s neighbors to the north, or risk losing all funding.

There already is a metropolitan planning organization in Medford. The new one is tentatively called the “Grants Pass Metropolitan Planning Organization.”


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  1. NickName541 says:

    How can there be a “Grants Pass Metropolitan Organization” when the Federal governemnt considers Grants Pass/Josephine County a “Micropolitan” area?

    How can The Medford Metro (200,000+ people) risk loosing funding if an agreement isn’t reached with the GP/JC area (less then 83,000 people).

    People = Tax $$$
    More people = More Tax $$$

    The Medford Metro needs some some serious help in roadwrok and upgrades. Example: A Beltline Freeway would make a huge difference. More then two exits off the 5 are badly needed. Worry about that before a much smaller area, in my opinion.

  2. Planetice39 says:

    With the update of the 2010 Census, and as of March 27, 2012, the US Census Bureau considers this area an Urbanized Area.

    The Rogue Valley MPO (Medford Metro) will only lose $20,000 – $25,000 in overall funding with the formation of the Grants Pass MPO. The RVMPO would not lose ANY funding because they are in compliance with Federal Transporation Law. Only those areas in Josephine County, and a small portion of Jackson County (outside of the RVMPO boundary) would be affected or at risk of losing federal transportation dollars.

    Though there are serious needs in the Rogue Valley, the reauthorization of the transportation bill (MAP-21) doesn’t provide all the monies necessary to fix them.

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