Meteorologist Release Weather Balloons

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Forecasters across the country are following a storm that could hit the Nation’s Capital by the first of next week.

The storm could impact millions of Americans, in some of the countries biggest cities, so meteorologists across the country are beefing up resources to make sure they get it right, even asking for help from experts 3,000 miles away.

Meteorologists in Medford are tracking a storm no where near Southern Oregon. Because of this hurricane, they’re launching four radiosondes, or weather balloons, instead of the usual two. The balloons will float through the atmosphere while meteorologists track them on the way up measuring humidity, wind, speed and direction.

The National Weather Service center in Medford is one of 92 other offices in the country doing double-time. All in an effort to pinpoint what could be worse than the perfect storm made famous in a Hollywood movie.

Once the balloons reach about 100,000 feet, they are about the size of a house and they explode. If you find the inside of the balloon, you can recycle it or mail it back to a Weather Service Center. They plan to launch four balloons a day until early Saturday morning.