Metal Thieves Get Prison Time

KLAMATH COUNTY, Ore. — Two men were sentenced to more than 15 years in prison after being arrested for stealing metal. A Klamath County Circuit Court Judge sentenced Marty Lynn Holloway to 8 years and 11 months in prison for Criminal Racketeering. Holloway was the ringleader of a group of thieves that stole over $100,000.00 in metals from more than 10 local farms. The Deputy District Attorney in Klamath County was successful in obtaining a guilty verdict in a complicated 2 day trial.

Holloway’s co-conspirator, Patrick Eugene Stout, who was also convicted at trial, was sentenced last Friday to 6 years and 9 months for Racketeering.

Former Klamath County Sheriff’s Deputy Shawn Richards was the lead investigator who uncovered the extensive nature of the thefts and pieced together the racketeering case. During 2010-2011 the thieves stole metal from over 20 locations from 10 different victims.  The thieves stole sprinkler heads and stripped copper electrical wires from farm machinery and outbuildings that was then sold to local metal recyclers.  The farmers suffered in excess of $100,000.00 in direct losses not to mention the indirect losses to their businesses, according to a press release from the Klamath County District Attorney.

Klamath County District Attorney Rob Patridge said, “Our agricultural community in the Basin is already fragile and we will not tolerate those who put our agricultural base, the very lifeblood of the community, further at risk.  Metal theft continues to be a growing problem that we are trying to work collaboratively with the scrap yards to solve.   This trial and sentencing by Judge Adkisson sends a clear message about the serious nature of metal theft and demonstrates to thieves that we will investigate, prosecute, and see that justice is served to protect farmers in the Basin and to stop the rampant metal theft that is occurring.”


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