Mercury Rising!

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As high pressure continues to push into the Great Basin of Nevada the mercury will only continue to climb as high temperatures approach record levels, and even surpass these records the first few days of July! Highs will jump 15-20 degrees above normal next week with triple-digits in west side valleys and Siskiyou county, mid to upper 90’s east of the Cascades and even 70s at the coast!

This is a dangerous heat so be sure to be smart when spending time outdoors by drinking plenty of water, apply and re-apply sunscreen, wear light and lose clothing and don’t forget about your pets! Make sure they have water, shade, a kiddy pool is always fun and don’t leave them in your hot car. A fun activity for you and your pets is to make pupsicles! You can use a kong, a rope tug or even make your own popsicles that are pet friendly, just stuff a kong with treats and yogurt or peanut butter and pop it in the freezer! Your pet not only will have a way to keep cool but also entertained! Click HERE to find out more about making pupsicles.

Know the signs of heat stroke (irritable, confused, NOT sweating)  and  heat exhaustion (headache, dizzy, SWEATING). Act quickly and call 911, get the person into a shady area and give them cool water. Thanks for logging on and be safe this weekend!

Meteorologist Megan Parry