Memorial Today for Murder Victim

Tony picASHLAND, Ore. — Friends will be gathering today to remember an Ashland man who was killed last month in his home.

The celebration of life service for Frank Damiano, also known as Tony Della Penna, is being held a month after his murder for friends in many groups of the Ashland community.

Damiano was a member of the Rogue Valley Peace Choir, Southern Oregon Pride, and was a theater enthusiast. He was 62 when he was killed.

The service is being held at 4 o’clock this afternoon, at 185 Mountain Avenue in Ashland. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office calls this a “closed case.” The two suspects in the homicide investigation are in jail awaiting trials.

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  1. Matthew says:


    I knew this person from my work in retail. I didn’t know his name, however, but when I saw this picture, I was in shock. To his family and friends, he was always fun and made a long day in retail much better.

    It would not be prudent to say where I worked, as my former employer has not given permission to talk about customers in the public sphere. Heart felt warm wishes to the hearts that are missing this wonderful person!

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