Memorial Makeover in Central Point

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — More than two years ago, several gravestones at the Central Point Cemetery were vandalized. On Friday, while the gravestones still sit un-repaired, volunteers came out to help clear out brush that had overgrown the site.

Volunteers said there are several veterans buried at the Central Point cemetery. More than a dozen volunteers showed up Friday morning to pull weeds, cut the grass and have it looking in good shape for this weekend’s memorial celebrations.

Volunteers say American flags will be placed at the grave sites for all veterans. Friday’s effort was described as more of a touch up after two previous clean ups at the cemetery this spring, one of those had seventy five volunteers.

Those who turned out today say it is important to have the cemetery looking its best when a Memorial Day ceremony will be taking place right next door.

“Many of the people who are going to be honored on that day, in that service, many of them are buried here, right in this cemetery. Flags will be placed on all of the gravesites of all of the veterans,” said Volunteer Coordinator Dirk Siedlecki.

The Central Point Cemetery is the same place several gravesites were vandalized in March 2011. Those grave markers still sit toppled or un-repaired.

$5,000 was given to the owners of the cemetery by the parents of those allegedly responsible for the damages and volunteers say the repairs to the grave markers should happen in about two weeks.