Memorial Held for Anderson Family

Anderson Memorial(CNN) — Three weeks after their bodies were found burned, Hannah Anderson’s mother and brother are remembered Saturday at a public memorial service.

Police say Christina Anderson and her 8-year old son Ethan were killed by family friend James Lee DiMaggio, who set fire to his house then kidnapped Hannah Anderson.

Hannah Anderson was seen at the Guardian Angels Catholic Church in Santee, California on Saturday smiling and hugging people before the memorial. Police say DiMaggio kidnapped Hannah on august 4th, setting off a manhunt. It ended in Idaho when an FBI agent shot and killed DiMaggio.

Hannah was then returned to her father in San Diego. According to an affidavit, after searching DiMaggio’s home, San Diego County Deputies found a handwritten note, camping equipment, a DNA swab kit and letters from Hannah.

Officials have not revealed contents of the letters and the note.