Memorial For David Grubbs

ASHLAND, Ore. – Nearly a year after an Ashland man was found murdered along the city bike path, a memorial is being placed in his honor. The city is teaming with the family of David Grubbs to establish that memorial near the area he was killed.

After David Grubbs’ body was found along the Ashland bike path, a makeshift memorial was set up to honor the 23-year-old. Now the city and the family are making that memorial official. The Parks Commission approved the placement of a bench and a light dedicated to Grubbs on the bike path near hunter park. The city is working with the family to set up the memorial. Currently, well-wishers have left flowers, pictures, and other items at the site.

“There is a makeshift memorial that was already established there, it still gets enormous amounts of visitors coming through, and so we want to formalize it, have a place for the family, have a place for the community,” said Ashland Parks Director Don Robertson

Police have still not found a suspect in Grubbs’ murder. Police say he was killed while walking home from work last November 19th. A reward currently sits at $21,000. Anyone with information is asked to call Ashland Police. In addition to the bench and light post, the memorial will feature a plaque dedicating the spot to Grubbs’ memory.