Memorial Day Kicks Off Camping Season In Oregon

By Danielle Craig

ASHLAND, Ore. — Memorial Day kicks off the summer camping season and the weather dried up just in time for campers. Over the weekend, hundreds headed to campsites across Southern Oregon.

Madilyn knows the recipe for the perfect s’more well.

“You put them in the foil and roast them, and then you get the graham cracker and then chocolate,” explains Madilyn.

All made…after the ingredients for a perfect camping trip came together: the weather drying out, a holiday weekend and, family and friends coming together.

“It’s convenient, warm, I know everywhere up north they’re getting snow; so we took this first opportunity to get out of the house and take the kids camping,” says Miller.

The Millers and their friends took up just one of the 600 campsites throughout Jackson County. With two of the four campgrounds nearly full, Jackson County Parks says the rest of the season looks promising.

“We’re fully anticipating a great camping season; our camping numbers have steadily increased, our revenues from camping have steadily increased and we’re finding people just want to stay a little closer to home,” states Jackson County Parks Manager Steve Lambert.

It’s not just locals setting up camp. Campers came from as far away as Portland, Reno and Eureka to enjoy Emigrant Lake. But they’re not only camping, they’re also hitting the water; all of that casts money into the local economy.

“There have been multiple studies that have been done that show people coming in for camping, boating, angling provide a lot of economic benefit to the community,” says Lambert.

Memorial Day is only the start of that economic benefit as more people dust off their tents and get ready for some more camping. Jackson County Parks says the higher elevation campgrounds, like Howard Prairie and Willow Lake, did not fill up – that’s because some of those campsites still have snow.