Megan Holland: Amateur AotW

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Megan Holland has done it all on the volleyball court. She’s been a setter, libero and outside hitter, but only one label really matters to Oregon Tech freshman Megan Holland; volleyball player.

“I love it. When we don’t have practices, I just want to be here. It’s basically my life,” said Holland.

Within that life were some twists and turns. After being second team all-league as a setter in her junior year of high school. However, an ankle injury forced Holland to take on a different role.

“They needed her to hit outside and so she did,” said head coach Jason Corwin. “So here she comes in, recruited as a setter into our program, and hasn’t set for probably two seasons really. She’s doing a great job.”

When Holland was asked to come in and set after playing libero and outside hitter, even her coach had to marvel at what he was seeing.

“I said, ‘Megan, how are you picking this stuff up so fast?’ And she said, ‘Coach, I learn fast.’ And I was like, hey fantastic. I’ll take that,” said Corwin.

Megan says, “You have to fail before you succeed. After I failed, got to my failing point, I started to succeed. That’s why I’m here.”