Medical Marijuana Suspects in Court

Duckworth, Laura RuthMEDFORD, Ore. — Three of the four people arrested in a recent raid on medical marijuana storefronts will also face racketeering charges.

Lori Duckworth, Leland Duckworth, and David James Bond were in court Monday for a pre-trial. The Duckworths are also facing charges for possession of substantial amounts of marijuana and three counts of money laundering.

The judge also lifted the no contact order between Lori and her husband Monday as well. Lori Duckworth says it has been around 25 to 26 days since they have seen each other.

“I’m just excited to get home, and I’m excited for the weekend to come now and my grandkids to come and stay and it’s summertime. It’s time for them to come and be with grandma and grandpa, and so I’m just excited that now I can do that with my grandchildren and my husband,” Lori Duckworth said.

The next pre-trial is set for August 12. The Duckworths were arrested in May after the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Team served eight search warrants on local medical marijuana storefronts and residencies.


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  1. chad rogers says:

    butt he loks like an upstanding man ???? ya !! and my mom won the lotto last weeekk tooo

  2. Ed says:

    Well Lori it seems to me that all the B/S you were spreading in the news about how legal you guy’s were, and About how you and your cohorts were all within the state law was all B/S. I also heard You saying in the news your patients can’t get there med’s after the raids on your growers, but I also heard you guy’s turned down help from some other ommp growers( who are not growers for sonormal) to help your patient’s. MORE DISINFORMATION and B/S ( you must of had plenty on hand) I fell you guy’s only care only about the money and not the patient’s care. YOU NEED TO READ AND UNDERSTAND the law.s of this state, and quit spreading disinformation. We here in the Medical Community who are staying with in the law think Sonormal has put a bad light on ommp, We all worked long had hard to get were we are now, and because of you now what do people think? Just because a caregiver can grow med.s for the patient, and there is no limit to how many caregivership,s a person can have does not make you legal to grow more than the state will allow. You claim to know the law, you shoot your mouth off in the news and say how legal everything is, let’s see you prove it in court.

  3. CannabisTV says:

    Ed, quit spewing propaganda and lies, your allegiance to the corrupt law enforcement responsible for this debacle is abundantly clear.

    The fact that these nice, peaceful, law abiding people have been targeted by a corrupt government is shameful and disgusting. We have Sheriff Mike Winters complaining in another article on MailTribune this SAME day, about not having the funds for basic law enforcement needs. Maybe if he and the rest of the people in state law enforcement should take a look at their own actions. They are wasting taxpayer funds going after medical patients who have provided medicine for other patients.

    The Duckworths and the others are not guilty of these crimes, they are simple local leaders in the cannabis law reform movement, and they have been TARGETED by our corrupt government as a way to crush political dissent, hoping to strike a blow to the cannabis community in this region, which they realize is growing in strength and numbers. Look at the comments in the other article about Sheriff Winters, all you see is people voicing their support FOR the Duckworths and the other cannabis activists. Washington, California and now most recently Nevada passed bills allowing for the creation of a regulated cannabis dispensary system, and Oregonians would be foolish if we don’t do the same.

    1. Ed says:

      Im not spewing propagandaI and lie’s and I see your one of those anti goverment types. when your caught doing illegal stuff, You type of people always blame the system, call it corrupt and always play the victom.The sheriff and the DEA are only doing the job we hired them to do. The fact is if your not doing anything illegal and staying within the law, you have nothing to worry about. I have read the Oregon laws about Ommp front to back, Heck ill bet you are one of duckworth’s friends or family member trying to help them get out of these charges. The judge and the sheriff both said this is not about ommp, it’s about running a dispensary and selling weed, and that right there alone my friend is not legel this state. And Asking the patient to pay or donate as they put it for there med’s also not legel, anything paid over the cost of growing is profiting and SELLING!! It dont cost squat to grow and i know this for a fact. as Im a grower myself. And I also hear about what the sheriff and the DEA pulled out of both of there stores, you know money,weed,and gun’s. Hay look there is another possable charge on top of the rest. It’s aganist federal law to have gun’s and med’s in the same place at the same time. Law abiding people (please)

  4. joe says:

    I agree with Ed

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