Medical Marijuana Laws Up for Debate

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MEDFORD, Ore. – As medical marijuana advocates raise money for legal fees for those arrested in the recent raids, lawmakers are considering changes to the states’ laws.

Senator Alan Bates is one of the architects for a bill that would create a state-run network of medical marijuana dispensaries.

He says current laws are unclear to the point where suppliers don’t know whether or not they’re operating legally.

Selling medical marijuana for more than it costs to make it is illegal, but Bates says there is no consensus around what that means.

“Well what are your costs? Fertilizer, soil, lights, what about the costs of dispensing it yourself, the costs of your store? Is that in, is that out?” said Bates.

House Bill 3460 calls for dispensaries to be regulated on where they can sell, how much, and how it’s grown.

Bates says he hopes it will provide some certainty for police.

He calls it a step in the right direction, but says it does not solve all the problems with the current laws. That bill has not yet come to a vote.