Medical Marijuana Growers Targeted

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Medical marijuana growers are becoming targets for thieves.

Harvest season for marijuana is over. Right now, for most growers, they are preparing their crop for distribution through drying and packaging. Oregon State Police say thieves are taking note and targeting medical marijuana grow sites.

The most recent incident was over the weekend. Two Cave Junction residents reported two armed men in masks and camouflage clothing forced their way inside their home on Takilma Road. According to OSP, the two men claimed to be law enforcement, telling the two residents to get face down on the floor.

The two stole around 6 pounds of processed marijuana, several firearms and a car. OSP has confirmed the home is a registered medical marijuana grow site. In the last few months, troopers are noticing more grow sites being hit by thieves.

“Like any other medical marijuana grow, in any criminal activity, they target people who have the product they want or the items they want. Whether it be a bank having cash and they do a bank robbery or a medical marijuana grow,” explained Oregon State Police Sgt. Jeff Proulx.

One of the victims tried to chase down the two men, but were unable to catch them. Oregon State Police has handed the case over to the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement team; that agency will be responsible for any follow-ups and further investigation.


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  1. john winters says:

    Google earth has given thieves the tools they need to rob innocent people!!!

  2. Jeff correia says:

    This is why medical marijuana needs to be monitored. It should be law that the growers have the same laws as a pharmacy. Ever tried walking into a drug store like that? The people that process this drug should be held somewhat responsible for it hitting the streets and our children. Someone needs to do something!!!!!!!

    1. Bryce Goodro says:

      Hey Jeff… how about if we just legalize the stuff and evolve past these issues? Oh… also… can I reccomend you perhaps update your research on the dangers of weed? You are a bit dated.

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