Medford Looks to Ban Dispensaries

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MEDFORD, Ore. — While many cities in Oregon are looking at banning medical marijuana dispensaries, no definite decision has been made by the state government.  However, the city of Medford is already taking the first steps to get a ban put in place.

On Thursday, the city council voted in favor of prohibiting medical marijuana dispensary centers within the city limits, but just three days before, MaryJane’s Attic, a medical marijuana facility, received its renewed business license in the mail. A hopeful sign for business owner Marlene Knuckols.

“I thought maybe something is going to change… and we’ll be able to stay open,” said Knuckols.

However, that wasn’t the case.  On Thursday, the Medford City Council voted in favor of a moratorium that would prohibit marijuana dispensary centers in Medford until May 2015.

“Transferring schedule one drugs is illegal under the federal controlled substances act… that’s really the end of it for us,” said Medford city council member Daniel Bunn.  “It’s a violation of federal law and we can’t sanction that in the city of Medford.”

The Medford City Council said this should not come as a surprise.

“The city’s position hasn’t really changed… We don’t think we can issue a business licenses to people who conduct unlawful activity,” said Bunn.

For MaryJane’s Attic, this means come March 20, they will have to choose to shut down… Or start facing citations and possibly end up in court.

“Any business that operates without a business license we have the right to try to close down,” said Bunn.

“Right now, my lawyer is looking into our options and we’re staying positive and continue to fight for patients’ rights right here in Medford and then we’ll find out where we go from there,” said Knuckols.

MaryJane’s Attic has been open in Medford for nearly a year and a half, and it said it does not plan on closing but relocating is a possibility.

“I do want to remain open… I want to continue helping the patients as we’ve done all along,” said Knuckols.

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  1. dan says:

    i don’t want medical marijuana dispensaries, but even more i don’t want city’s picking and choosing what kind of stores are allowed and are not allowed, unfortunately we live in a society that has no value or understanding of what freedom is and therefore does not care how much of it they lose.

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