Medford Woman Fights Off Burglar

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Police responded to a burglary call early Sunday morning and when they arrived they found the suspect being held down by the homeowner. The suspect is now in custody and the homeowner has nothing more than a scratch to show for the altercation.

Medford woman Katlene Brown says she had just arrived home around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning after a long day at work and was ready to go to sleep. When she headed to her bedroom, she found someone was on the other side of the door trying to lock her out.

Brown pushed through the door and wrestled and intruder who was trying to steal her stereo and television. She wrestled the man to the ground and shouted to her daughter who was asleep in another room to call the police. She says that it is a safe and quite neighborhood and was surprised that this would happen. Brown went on to say that she wouldn’t change a thing if she had to do it over again.

“Hey, you might be a woman, but you’re in the wrong house, this is her home. There’s no way you’re going to win,” Brown states.

The suspect taken into custody is 23-year-old Christopher Lee King. He faces charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief, harassment and violating his probation. King was not allowed bail due to the probation violation.