Medford Woman Accused of Drug Fraud

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Southern Oregon woman is accused of stealing an identity to get nearly 8,000 pain pills. Police say working as an office manager for a Medford doctor allowed her to get the prescription drugs. A pharmacy manager NewsWatch12 spoke to says one of the safeguards against fraud is trust, as well as familiarity between the pharmacy and the doctor’s office. Police say the suspect criminally abused that trust.

41-year-old Jodi Setzer was arrested for identity theft and tampering with drug records. Her husband was also charged for ID theft. Police say she was an office manager and used her doctor’s name and his identification number from the Drug Enforcement Administration, to order false prescriptions in her name and her husband’s name.

Detectives believe Setzer was able to get a hold of 7,800 pills; most of them were hydrocodone, a generic vicadin. Police say in about two and a half years, she filled 150 prescriptions at 12 different local pharmacies.

Police say they are not sure if Setzer was selling the drugs, but say it’s possible. They say single pills can sell for 20 dollars each on the street. Police were tipped off when the doctor’s office became aware of an embezzlement case possibly involving Setzer. While they were digging, they found this case.