Medford Warns of Approaching Fire Season

Firefighters Prep for Wildfire SeasonMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Fire-Rescue wants the public to be aware of the approaching fire season and trim any excess vegetation in your yard, to cut down on potential wildfire fuels.

The City of Medford’s weeds and grass ordinance takes effect beginning June 1st. According to the City’s Municipal Code section 7.430, any property with uncontrolled/unmaintained grass, weeds, brush, or any like vegetation over 10 inches tall creates a fire hazard that must be dealt with.

Exceptions to this rule are things like maintained vegetation such as ornamental shrubs and bushes, or crops grown for agricultural purposes. Any “natural area” within a public park in the City of Medford is also exempt.

If you live in the hillside areas and want more information about making your property more wildfire resistant, call Medford Fire-Rescue at 541-774-2300.

For more information about the vegetation ordinance and guidelines for vegetation abatement, click here.

To submit a vegetation complaint, contact Code Enforcement at 541-774-2016 or submit the complaint online.