Medford Shooting Update

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The two suspects from Thursday’s shooting in Medford have been identified as 29-year-old Wayne Pearson and 31-year-old Shavon Willard. Both are recovering from gunshot wounds and are said to be in stable condition. Pearson and Willard both have warrants out in multiple counties in Idaho.

The scene has cleared less than 24-hours after police cars lined Hilton Road in Medford. Police said the incident began at a nearby motel before ending in a Medford neighborhood.

Medford Police Chief Tim George said, “Before any game plan could get set up, that vehicle  went mobile again and left the motel and that’s when  this event occurred as it traveled to the area of Hilton  and Corona.”

The pair had been on the run since the Jefferson County Sheriff said Pearson rammed a deputy’s car as he eluded law enforcement.

Officials said the investigation is ongoing and once complete a grand jury will review the case.  The Jackson County District Attorney said the grand jury would  “Look at both the officers’ actions whether it was right  for them to use deadly force in the way that they did  and then also to look at the suspects’ actions. Then,  that grand jury could return indictments.”