Medford Sees Spike In Burglaries

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Through May of 2014, the Medford Police Department investigated 251 cases of burglary which is a 10 percent increase from the same time period last year.

With the warmer weather and vacation season, officials say some cars and homes are most vulnerable heading into the summer months.

With another burglary on Florence Avenue on Monday, police hope to make people more aware of the problem.

Medford Police recommend the following tips to keep your property safe:
• Lock doors and windows (or use locks / dowels on windows so they can only open a few inches).
• Close blinds and curtains when not home.
• Leave a light on inside and out, or put them on a timer (motion lights are great).
• If you leave town, consider a house sitter, and tell a trusted neighbor and cancel newspapers. Do not let everyone know you are out of town and be cautious of social media. You can post vacation pictures when you get home, and officials say most burglars have knowledge the person is not home.
• Consider video cameras and alarm systems.
• Be a “nosy” neighbor. If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, document it and call the police.
• Keep bushes and shrubbery away from windows. Burglars like to hide behind them while trying to access a window.
• Document all of your property. Write down serial numbers of valuables and electronics, and photograph jewelry.
• Be suspicious of anyone knocking on your door for an odd reason. Burglars will do this to see if you are home and can scope out your place.