Medford Schools Upgrade Security

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MEDFORD, Ore. — School has been back in session in the Medford School District for a few days now and both students and parents may have noticed some changes at a handful of schools. Three elementary schools and one middle school underwent some security upgrades to the layout of their campuses.

Doorways were closed off, walls were knocked done and windows were added to the buildings at Griffin Creek Elementary School, all in an effort to increase school security. One of the main goals for the new layout of the school is to have all parents and visitors funneled through one entrance through the main office. Construction didn’t begin until a few weeks ago, but he building has been ready to go since the first day of school.

In previous years, there were multiple entrances to the breezeways where the classrooms are and some students would go out in front of the school to get to the cafeteria. Now, this has all changed and both teachers and administrators say it has already made a difference. Griffin Creek Elementary wasn’t the only school to see changes, as the district addressed concerns at multiple schools.

“The district decided to take a real serious look at safety at all of the school, that’s k-12 and they brought a team of people out here and they walked around and evaluated our building and decided that we need to make some changes,” said Griffin Creek Elementary Principal Louis Dix.

Windows were also added to the front office area so both Principal Louis Dix and office staff can see who’s coming and going. In addition to the changes to the school’s layout, an emergency button linked to Medford Police will be right next to all fire alarms in the school.