Medford Schools Consider Land Donation

8-23 schoolMEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford School District may be getting a bit of assistance as it looks to build a new school.

The co-owners of a 20-acre property near Crater Lake and Vilas have expressed a desire to donate it to the district. That property could become the location of a new, non-charter elementary or middle school.

School Board chair Jeff Thomas says the district has been close to capacity for a while, creating a need for a new school.

And land can be a big part of the expense.

“I think it could probably be as much as 25%,” said Thomas. “If you can lower the cost of actually building the school substantially, you have to take those opportunities to do so.”

Thomas says the district will need to act fast to get a new school built given current capacity. But despite the urgency he says it will likely be several years before anything is complete.