Medford School Negotiations End

SchoolMEDFORD, Ore. — People on both sides of contract discussions for Medford school staff are finally out of negotiations after a meeting that went from Wednesday morning into the overnight hours.

Wednesday’s meeting between the Medford School District and Medford Education Association was the third meeting between the two sides.

Dr. Phil long had said he expected the meeting to be constructive, but as of Thursday morning, the district is not commenting on how the long negotiations went or what came out of them.

Mediation began after the district and MEA couldn’t come up with an agreement in 150 days of negotiations.

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  1. Jim Hardy says:

    I sometimes wonder if the politicians who decide the future of teacher’s salaries and benefits take into account the fact that these professional people who they seem to take pride in abusing are having a profound influence on the future voters and thinkers and workers of America. Probably not is my conclusion, because that would indicate long term vision and there is no room for that in today’s political venue.

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