Medford School Named Historic Location

MEDFORD, Ore. – A Medford elementary school built more than 80 years ago is being honored for its history in the community and it’s been a long history for Washington Elementary School.

The school was originally built in the late 1800s, then after a fire it was moved to the current site of the Jackson County Courthouse. The building was sold to allow the courthouse to be built and the current location on Peach Street was build in 1931.

In the present day, Washington Elementary was named to the National Register of Historic Places. Inside, the school keeps items through the years, including some original nails, a bell and plenty of pictures from its more than 100 year history.

The school’s principal said when the building was renovated several years ago, workers kept the classic look to the exterior, while adding modern amenities inside. The principal says the result is a building that is remembered by different generations of the community through the years.

“I have many second generation students here whose parents came here as children, but I also have people whose grandparents came here, and great-grandparents. This is a school where people come to for generations,” said Principal Joe Frazier.

The building was recommended to be nominated this past February. More than 40 locations in Medford are currently listed in the national registry. Principal Frazier says he wants to take the opportunity to teach the students about the school’s history in the community, that could include anything from presentations, to lessons about life in 1896.