Medford School Enrollment Up

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Enrollment in Medford schools has dramatically increased this year. So, the district is looking for new ways to handle the increase in students.

Some new teachers have already been hired, and the district says it wants to work within its budget to find more. The Medford School District has increased by more than 300 students this year.

Many of those new students are in younger grades, kindergarten, first and second. Superintendent Phil Long says Medford schools have more than 1,000 kindergarten students this year. It’s the third year in a row Medford schools have seen enrollment increases.

Long says he’s authorized hiring additional kindergarten teachers to help with the increase, but admits some other schools are also facing packed classrooms. The district is looking at making some additional hires based on those enrollment numbers.

“We made some adjustments on day 4 when we could see the whites of their eyes, and now we’ve continued to see growth in the K-12 grades, and that’s why we’re doing some additional targeted hiring of teachers,” said Medford Schools Superintendent Phil Long.

Medford schools have a total of 13,546 students enrolled this year. Preliminary numbers from Eagle Point schools have them up about 100 students, to 3,993. Phoenix-Talent schools are up by 6 students, at 2,601.

Data from Ashland and Central Point schools were not immediately available.