Medford School Budget to Add Days, Staff

school budgetMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Schools expect to add school days, staff, and even bring back parent-teacher conferences in its latest budget plan.

Superintendent Phil Long presented the budget to the school board Tuesday night. The plan shows $113 million of revenue, which will allow the district to hire 50 full-time positions, and add five instructional days to the school calendar.

Long said the cuts made over the past few years helped the district save money, and said the district also received more funding from the state.

“As I told the budget committee last night, this is the first time in about six years I’ve been able to resent a budget that doesn’t have the word cut or reduction in it,” he said.

The district budget committee will hold a hearing on the budget on June 2nd. Families are also being encouraged to give feedback. You can view the entire budget plan here, and you can send feedback to budget.feedback@medford.k12.or.us


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  1. Aucliff Heathly says:

    Now is that a additional 50 new teachers or is that equal to the amount that have resigned this year or retired. If it is an additional 50 that sounds great. Will a large number of the new hires be P.E instructors that are already hired that the state is reimbursing the district through grant money? Unfortunately it seems the credibility of the district has to be at a all time low so just wondering what the real story is. Guess if something s

  2. Aucliff Heathly says:

    Usually if something from the district office sounds too good to be true it because it is predominately slanted in their favor.

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