Medford Salvation Army Feeding Homeless In Hawthorne Park

By Bryan Navarro

June 13, 2011

MEDFORD, Ore. –This comes just a few weeks after a stabbing at the same public park.

The Salvation Army hands out sandwiches, fruit, and water. They have the free meal program here every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Salvation army officials say they chose this location because it’s centrally located and precisely because more homeless and transients can be here.

The Salvation Army started the free meals six weeks ago, right around the same time as a stabbing at the Hawthorne. Some believe the free food will attract more transients…and more trouble to the family park.

Medford PD has increased its patrols at Hawthorne as it typically does when the park fills up quicker during the summer. Officers say they’ll step up their presence if they start to see a “trend” of criminal activity.

Officials with the Salvation Army say homelessness at Hawthorne is just a small symptom of a much bigger problem that they’re trying to remedy.