Medford Rogues See Boost In Business

Medford Rogues Debut This Summer

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Rogues are seeing more fans and success since improvements to the U.S. Cellular Park have been made.

The owners of the Rogues say attendance and sponsorship are both up from last year’s season.

They add the organization has worked hard to make improvements to the Harry and David Field, increasing seating from 600 seats to 2300 seats.

They say it gives the team and fan base room to grow, and they have focused on creating a unique environment that anyone can enjoy.

“You come here and there’s something happening here all the time. There happens to be a ball game happening, and you can watch if you want to watch it, that’s great, but there’s [other things] you can do. and that’s really what we envisioned when we started this thing and it’s really turning into that and the one word I always use is flattering that people noticed it,” said Medford Rogues General Manager Chuck Heeman.

The Rogues won on Thursday night in extra innings against the Athletics In Motion.