Medford Rogue Documents Summer

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MEDFORD, Ore. –  Ryan Teel is in his second season with the Medford Rogues, which makes him a seasoned veteran by West Coast League standards, but Teel’s contribution to the Rogues extends beyond the baseball field.  Medford Rogues catcher Ryan Teel cares a lot about hits, not just the hits he gets at the plate but also the hits he gets online. Teel, a journalism major at the University of Nevada, has spent this summer blogging about his experience in the West Coast League.

“I realize how important it is to have people talking about the Rogues, what we’re doing,” Teel said. “The more they think about us, the better chance they’re going to come out to the game so we just want to create another avenue for them to find out about us.”

The blog is called “The Real Rogues,” and Teel is using it as an outlet for fans to get the chance to know the players as more than just their batting averages or jersey numbers.

“People see us on the field and they see us in the community,” Teel said, “but maybe just some of the fun stuff they don’t get to hear about. I try to go with a theme for the blog, but I just end up all over the place just showing people some of the hardships but some of the good things about the people you meet or some of the fun stories.”

Teel, who also focuses on public relations at school, realizes the importance the blog can have for the Rogues. Getting the chance to write about his summer league experience has also been beneficial for Teel.

“It makes you think deeper about what you’re doing,” he said. “You’re not just here to place baseball. You reflect on some of the lessons you’ve learned, the teammates you meet, the coaches, the whole experience of it all and it just documents it and records it.”

And through the feedback he’s received, the blog is serving its purpose.

“Some of the fans mentioned they like my blog,” Teel said. “They liked this piece, liked that piece. It’s fun when a fan comes up to you and says you’re a good writer so now I’m not just a baseball player. They acknowledge something else that I do.”

You can follow along with Teel’s journey at “The Real Rogues.”