Medford Residents Turn In Old Medication

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MEDFORD, Ore.– Prescription drugs, cold medications, even vitamins found there way into the drug collection box Saturday at Medford City Hall. Medford residents like George Flanagan showed up to turn in medications they no longer need.

“Well, I had a bunch of over-the-counter stuff that I just didn’t need because I’ve got prescription stuff now,” said Flanagan.

Saturday’s event was part of National Prescription Drug Take Back Day and police say it is important people go through their medicine cabinets.

“When you have outdated meds that are just lying around your house, they’re susceptible to kids getting into accidentally or potentially intentionally,” said Community Service Officer Todd Sales.

There are some things that are not allowed. Illegal drugs, needles, Inhalers are among the things that are not accepted. Officer Sales says those worried about personal information on medicine bottles have nothing to be worried about.

“As soon as the box is full, it will immediately be sealed up and it will never be opened again until it goes to be incinerated, ”  said Officer Sales.

Flanagan says he’s glad he can make sure his medications are disposed of safely.

“Keeps it out of the hands of children and it keeps the water a little clearer,” said Flanagan.

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  1. I.B. aSchmuck says:

    “outdated meds”.
    That is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated upon the people by the big money pharmaceutical companies!
    An HONEST doctor will tell you that.

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