Medford REI Opening In October

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By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Northgate Center in Medford will begin to slowly open its doors to business this fall but one retailer has announced its opening date.

Walls are being painted, lights are being installed everything is coming together to make sure this store is ready for its October opening. Thursday, NewsWatch12 received an exclusive look inside the progress of the new building.

Managers say while the store will carry the same products customers’ love, the new store is part of a new fixture package. That means its look will be a bit different than other stores. Material such as bamboo and skylights will be big in the design. To run the large space, hiring began weeks ago – a process that has garnered much attention.

Managers say they are half way through the hiring process, decisions will be made august 13th for initial team, but they say they will always continue to take applications for future roles. REI will be open October 5th.