Medford Preparing for Snow

roads medfordMEDFORD, Ore. — With inches of snow expected to hit the valley floor Friday, the city of Medford has been ready to go for a few days now. Four sanders are ready to go in Medford and crews will be getting in early in the morning to keep a close eye on road conditions.

While O-DOT has their fleet of plows and de-icers ready to go in Central Point, other cities in the Rogue Valley are also ready to go. The city of Medford has been preparing for Friday’s snow since Tuesday and preps for the winter season began back in September.

When the snow comes, the four sanders in the fleet will hit the road and work their designated regions and keep an eye on changing weather conditions. The city of Medford is the first in Oregon to be designated a “storm ready community” and Public Works officials say they closely monitor weather conditions from the National Weather Service and adjust their plans accordingly.

“Anything we put down, will just get covered by snow, so we might wait. Whereas if it was 1 – 2 inches, we’d get out early, so we’re constantly adjusting. What we do is we get the equipment ready and we get the people ready to go well in advance,” explained Cory Crebbin, with Medford Public Works.

Two of the problem areas in the city that see slick spots are the upper ends of Hillcrest and MacAndrews Roads. Officials say any sand or gravel laid down must be taken up to avoid it being washed into a storm drain and ultimately into the Bear Creek.

Roads aren’t the only focus; the city will also help make sure sidewalks are clear for pedestrians.