Medford Prepares Christmas Tree

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Jacksonville’s holiday festivities are kicking off Friday night. The parade will start moving through Jacksonville and after that, they’ll light the tree.

Meanwhile, in Medford, they are preparing for more festivities on Saturday, planning to light a tree of its own. Mike Bingham, who works for a local lighting company,  spent the afternoon untangling holiday lights.

“Each year they get tangled no matter how you put them in; just give them a shimmy and eventually they figure out what you want and they do it,” Bingham said.

“How could you ask for a better job than to make things beautiful for the holidays?” He remarked. He’s making sure all 1600 lights that will illuminate the douglas fir in downtown medford on saturday are working properly.

“We want them all to work so we don’t have to climb the tree,” Bigham said.

His boss, Kevin Huggins, is climbing the tree.

“I like to start with the opposite end of the tree and hit it from three different sides and do a nice ‘W’ pattern,” Huggins explained.

City officials say this could be the end of a tradition and the beginning of a new one.

“This might be the last time we light it here; it’s been discussed to do it at the Commons,” Huggins said.

The festivities start on Saturday morning at Hawthorne Park with breakfast with Santa, a marshmallow roast and then the Children’s Parade leading to Vogel Plaza.