Medford Police See Rise In Bike Thefts

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford Police Department is issuing a warning to Medford citizens of an increase in bicycle thefts since June of this year.

Police say between June 1st and August 14th, there have been 55 reports of bicycles stolen. To put this number in perspective, Medford Police say only 39 bikes were reported stolen between the months of January and May of this year.

In addition to the increase, Medford Police have also noted the number of thefts involving cutting bicycle locks and chains with bolt cutters. Police have also noted the most recent cases reported involved more than one accomplice committed the alleged crime. In the most recent case, the bicycle owner told police he had locked up his bicycle at the front of the Dollar Tree on Biddle Road and reported being followed in the store by two juvenile males, around 15-17 years of age.

The Medford Police Department is reminding citizens about the free Bike Registration program offered by the city of Medford. Citizens of Medford can register their bike with the city, at no cost to them. The registration includes a sticker that can be placed on the bike, and also records the serial number of the bike. Citizens can fill out the bike registration form on the city’s website.