Medford Police Search For Missing Girl

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon police and the FBI are working against time they are using every second of daylight that’s left trying to find a missing 14-year-old.

Initially considered a runaway, police began searching for her along the Bear Creek Greenway on Monday afternoon and they say the disappearance is suspicious.

Police say 14-year-old Starla Carrero was last seen on Saturday around 7:15 p.m. at Medford Oregon Skate Park on Highland Drive. The investigation revealed that Starla Carrero was at the park with her 17-year-old brother and his friend. When the mother arrived to pick them up, Starla was gone.

Starla’s brother told police he had left Starla at the skate park for about 30 minutes while he went to the store nearby. Starla was gone when he returned to the skate park, just prior to the mother arriving.

Starla was last seen talking with two unidentified white males. Police say one of these males was riding a BMX style bike and wore a black sweatshirt with a “DK” patch on the back.

Starla had left behind her skateboard and her shoulder bag. Medford Police state that there is no current information that she has contacted any of her friends and she has no known cash or cell phone with her.

Starla Carrero is described as 5 feet, 2 inches and 130 pounds. She has dyed dark brown hair and brown eyes. She also has a lip piercing. Starla has fair skin and freckles on her face. She also wears black bandanna tied around forehead. She was last seen wearing a turquoise hooded, zip-up sweatshirt.

If located or any information is known please contact Detective Tony Young at the Medford Police Department at 541-770-4784.