Medford Police Search For Huson Items

MEDFORD, Ore. – Investigators are releasing new details in the murder of a Medford cab driver. Police say the killer stole several items from William Huson’s car the night of his death and are asking for your help in locating the property.

Investigators say the murder suspect stole three items from Huson’s car. After talking with family and those close to him they say these items were always with Huson when he worked. Here’s what detectives are looking for: a black leather shaving kit bag with no shaving supplies in it, an electronic cigarette or also called a “Cig-20″ and a brown leather wallet with Huson’s ID inside of it.

Wednesday, search and rescue was back in Hawthorne Park and near Helo Drive looking for these items. Police say the murder suspect could have tossed Huson’s belongings, but they did not locate any of those items.

“It could be anywhere, we’re hoping that maybe somebody maybe picked it up, maybe they found it or have actually seen it somewhere that could certainly help us dramatically with this case,” Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Medford Police say they also found some other potential pieces of evidence at the search on Wednesday, but they are not releasing what those items were. As of Wednesday, investigators received more than a dozen new tips. Detectives say they’re thoroughly looking into each tip. They’re also waiting for forensic reports to be completed. Anyone with information is asked to call Medford Police at 541-770-4783.