Medford Police Issued No Citations On 4th of July

By Danielle Craig

MEDFORD, Ore. — Big bangs and sparks in the sky were the source of several calls to police for the Fourth of July. Medford Police says it was a busy night, taking in about double the calls than they do on a regular weeknight, but not even one citation was handed out.

On the Fourth of July, officers responded to about a hundred calls related to illegal fireworks and noise, but they didn’t issue one citation – one reason for that is they didn’t witness the fireworks going off.

Most of those calls were for illegal fireworks and noise. But officers say in many of the cases, the incident was over. But if people were still in the area, officers used discretion, deciding not to hand out citations.

“On if he wants to issue a citation or if he wants to inform the person about the law, and see if they can’t get compliance, if you can get compliance without issuing a citation, then maybe it may be a better way to go on something like this where it’s a one time event,” explained Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Medford Police says it usually gets about a hundred calls a weeknight, but with the Fourth of July holiday it was closer to 200. Although the holiday is over, people are still lighting fireworks, and if you have a noise complaint, Medford Police will respond to it.