Medford Police Help WWII Veteran

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Four Medford Police officers went above and beyond their duties to help a veteran.

The officers responded to a home on North Barneburg Road. They say a driver ran into a tree and then into a concrete fence. The broken pieces ended up on a 90-year-old WWII veteran’s yard and on his neighbor’s property. The four officers who responded to the scene decided they didn’t want to leave the pieces behind.  The following day, it took hours to clean up the mess. The veteran wrote the department a thank you letter.

“I was hoping that he wouldn’t say anything to anybody so we can get away without anybody knowing. But, it was nice that he was happy about it. I didn’t know he was a veteran, but that makes it even better,” said Officer Joshua Spano.

Including Spano, the three others who helped the veteran were Officer Paul Mellgren, Corporal Ernie Whiteman, Jr. and Officer Logan Boyd. After they were all finished cleaning up, the veteran tried to pay them to thank them but they did not take it.

Knife River Corporation let the officers get rid of that concrete for free. They weighed it, and all those broken pieces together ended up being more than 2,000 pounds.