Medford Police Hand out Christmas Gifts

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Several Medford police officers working Christmas day, packed the back of their trunks full of toys and headed out to hand out gifts to kids in need.

10-year-old Tony Martinez is one child who received a gift when officers stopped by his neighborhood Tuesday morning

“It’s cool. It’s kind of weird. ‘Cause they just give you presents and knock on your door to give you presents,” said Martinez.

“I told my brother to answer the door. He went and he told me it was police officers giving out gifts. Police officers are kind of nice and stuff. And I think it’s kind of cool they’re giving out gifts to people,” said Gilberto Villa.

The Medford Police Department teamed up with the Marine Corps ‘Toys for Tots’ program to provide these gifts.

“Several boxes of gifts for us to hand out throughout the day on Christmas day. Most of them have gifts in their cars and they’ll give them out while they’re on calls or they’ll stop by areas where they think that people might be in a little bit of more need and hand them out there,” said Medford Police Sergeant Derek Parks.

The Medford Police Department has been handing on gifts to kids on Christmas day for several years. The department also has another program where they gave out presents to more than 30 families this year.