Medford Police Check For Red Light Runners

By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD,Ore.– The National Coalition For Safer Roads used surveillance from camera’s and caught more than 26,000 red light violations during memorial weekend last year.

The study was launched in 18 states across the nation, using more than 1,200 hundred red light cameras. Medford Police said in preparation for the influx of motorists, they upped their patrol numbers.

“Since there is more traffic there is always going to be an increase in police presence, for the safety of motorist and also for enforcement action,” said Medford Police Officer, Joshua Schilder.

They said while red light violations can increase during this time period, in our area they are more than likely a product of another violation or crime, such as drunk driving.

“That is one of the reasons you stop people. It’s one of the violations you see a lot of is people running the red lights,” said Officer Schilder.

According to the report, the cameras logged a total of more than 6,400 violations, or about five instances per camera per day. A number not too surprising for Medford Police Officer Schilder.

“I see a lot of injuries at collisions where there’s a T-bone type accident where a red light was ran,” said Officer Schilder.

While common, Medford Police said these small infractions could have devastating consequences.

“A big chance of colliding into somebody or T-boning somebody. Usually those motorists are going, you know, thirty miles an hour when you hit them and they could run into other people,” Officer Schilder stated.

The current cost of a red light fine is $260 – a price that could increase in severity depending on the circumstances.

“The nature of what occurred. Why did you run the red light? Were you paying attention or not? You know what happened?” said Officer Schilder.

Officers said there is more transient traffic in town during holiday weekends. People who do not know the area may be more prone to traffic violations because of that.

“Just be mindful of that, not just for yourself but for other people too,” said Officer Schilder.

The report showed Sunday was the safest day for intersection safety but Medford Police advise residents to continue to use caution at all times.