Medford Police Assure Bike Path is Safe

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Bike riders peddled along the Bear Creek Greenway Sunday afternoon, some avid about getting out as often as they can. Bike rider Lee Purkerson says he tries to get out and ride once a week and doesn’t worry about too much when cruising down the Greenway.

“The only things that we have to worry about are children and dogs,” said Purkerson

The Greenway however was host to a different scene Saturday afternoon when Medford Police responded to an assault.

“Overall I want to make people aware that this wasn’t a random act of violence. The involved persons did know each other. Sounds like it was a dispute over personal property,” said Medford Police Sergeant Kerry Curtis.

Officials say the victim was stabbed multiple times and transported to a local hospital where he underwent surgery and is expected to survive. Police say they have a suspect and are still investigating.

“The bike path is safe, it really is. We patrol it, we do sweep it to remove the transient population,” said Sgt. Curtis.

Purkerson noticed police on the Greenway Sunday and says although he never feels threatened when he rides but he doesn’t mind seeing police in the area.

“I like to see their presence out here quite frankly,” said Purkerson.