Medford Murder Under Investigation

By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD, Ore. — A neighborhood is left in a state of shock after a man is murdered and police say is their lead suspect is a convicted felon. The suspect in the case was released from prison in May of 2011after serving 7 years for attempted murder.

Now the suspect is accused of murdering a 54-year-old man who was found at a Medford apartment complex, and died after being transported to a local hospital. Even though police have arrested a man for the murder they say their investigation is still far from over.

Medford police officers arrived at the complex on the 100 block of Almond Street at almost one o’clock on Sunday. Inside the apartment they found 54-year-old Donald Mack with serious injuries to his head and face. Medics quickly tended to the man and transported him Rogue Valley Medical Center where he died shortly there after.

Police say conversations with witnesses and associates led them to believe 29-year-old Travis Asbill was responsible for the death. Asbill was found at a home in Eagle Point. He was arraigned on charges of murder on Monday. Police say Asbill was convicted of attempted murder in 2003 and while they do not have a motive for this case yet, they say a random attack isn’t out of the question.

Police say they do not believe anybody else was involved in the murder itself but are looking to speak with two to three other witnesses who were there when it happened. Police say these witnesses are not suspects and encourage the group to come forward.