Medford Meeting on Dangerous Animals

dogs 1MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford City Council members will be considering banning certain dog breeds or requiring they be muzzled or sterilized. Every year an estimated 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs, nationwide. Some say it’s become of a dog’s treatment, others blame certain breeds.

Medford Police will be handing out the latest information about dog related incidents on Thursday. The Medford City Council President says people have been attending the open comment forums to talk about dog bites.

The Medford City Council says one of the big items they’re discussing at noon is the number of pit bull attacks in the last few years. According to the council, since 2011, 89 dog bites were reported, half of those were by the pit bull breed.

Right now, one of the options on the table is a viscous dog ordinance. This could require that pit bulls or any other breeds proven to be dangerous to humans be muzzled or sterilized. The council could also propose a ban of certain dog breeds.

Nationally in 2013, the American Humane Society says approximately 92% of fatal dog attacks involved male dogs, 94% of which were not neutered. In response to these statistics, many communities have enacted breed-specific legislation (BSL) that prohibits ownership of certain breeds, such as pit bulls, Rottweilers and others.

In response, many pet owners have said that it’s about training a dog obedience, the breed itself isn’t a danger.


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  1. Renee says:

    I think it is all based on how the animal was raised. If you raise it to be nasty and mean it will. I have friends that have pitbulls that are the sweetest dogs ever and some friends that have chihuahuas that are the nastiest dog ever (all because they have been taught to be that way). Some dogs have a predisposition to be a protector and mean, but if you do not train them to be mean they can still protect when it is needed and nice when it is not. My fiancee has a chocolate lab that was not raised around kids (she was 3 when my daughter and I came into the picture). And she is very nice and lets my daughter dress her up in dresses- my friend has a pitbull that is the same way-very nice and lets the young kids do whatever to her. They tried this same ban on german shepards and rottweilers as well. I think people need to stop blaming the breed and look at the owners and the circumstances in which the dog became aggressive. I know my sweetheart of a lab would tear someone apart if she needed to protect my daughter or me.

  2. Lori says:

    There is a meeting going on now in Medford Oregon regarding banning Pitbulls. I think they are missing the point and that is not the answer to the behavior problem they appear to have. 1st breeds like these, Rotts, Dobies, Shepherds, Wolves should NOT be sold at pet stores. Anyone can walk in on a whim and buy an animal that they nor their home are a match for!!! That is the problem. Again I say, “The animal can only be as smart as the owner” and people need to start understanding that a breed is a personality… Do you get along with everyone, are you comfortable in all types of lifestyles and energies? Dogs aren’t either and their needs range so buying a large breed because of what it represents to you without researching on what it means you will need to do to make this animals life good is like marrying a guy (or gal) only knowing what they look like…. Bringing a dog into your life is a commitment and not just to feed it but to respect it and it’s needs and to enjoy nurturing the relationship. The behavior issues come from lack of these. So back on track I say some animals should be sold direct from the breeder. The breeders should be responsible for who they are selling the dogs to. A 10 minute conversation would give much insight and isn’t too much to insure thee animal is getting a good home.

  3. Cherie Penney says:

    I would much rather see a ban on owning a gun in city limits than prohibiting ownership of a dog. Most of these breeds are for protection and they are the first line of defense for the elderly and females and require special training and handling which ignorance and over breeding is why these kinds of attacks happen. BSL is an infringement of personal property ownership as most cities have adopted these kinds of rules but do not have the funds to enforce properly hence it will continue to happen anyway. Why not ban bullets in city limits so that nobody gets shot during a crime? See it doesn’t make sense. Muzzles only protect ppl if they have one or put it on. Criminal negligence isn’t the issue it is better the dog be removed from the home or rehabbed if possible and in a worse case scenario euthanized. But it isn’t up to the government to control ownership of a dog. Responsible ppl get punished instead of the ones who are breeding for money for drugs and nefarious purposes. NONE OF THIS ruling makes sense until someone who is an authority on the breed makes proper proposals.

  4. rick says:

    I’m glad to see this, I hope they ban them. I live in west Medford and that’s all you see is people walking those dog’s. I don’t care what anybody say’s, those dog’s were bred for fighting, and I never meet a nice one.

    1. r p says:

      Hi Rick, I live in West Medford as well, and I see a lot of breeds in addition to these animals. I have owned many breeds, including Pit Bulls and Wolf hybrids, and have had great success with these animals. As with any breed, much of their temperament depends on how you treat and train them. This often holds true to the human breeds as well, in my experience. Please educate yourself before contributing in the future.

      Thank You.

      1. Maxine Smith says:

        This breed was known as the nanny dog. It isn’t the breed it is the owner. I have owned a lab who wouldn’t let anyone in the yard and bit a person, I have owned a husky who went after small animals….both these dogs were rescued. Currently I have 4 pits..who lay outside with the livestock…I have 1 lab who can’t be with the livestock? Ignorance shows when you don’t know for a fact with regard to the breed. Media hype doesn’t help. It is always the owners of any breed of dog, that makes or breaks that dog. I personally don’t have the pits for my protection…I protect them, from idiots. Be informed.

  5. Non ya Business says:

    Rick you are an arrogant person. I personally own one and I am a hard working mother of two kids. My dog is amazing with my children. The dogs are not the problem people like you are. Maybe the dogs don’t like you. Any dog can be taught to be aggressive or just develop the bad behavior because they are raised wrong. I can take two chihuahuas and make them become fighters. It’s not the pit bulls fault that someone CHOSE them to become fighting dogs. I can tell you are an uneducated person.

  6. Annie says:

    Dog breeds thru the years have normally evolved from a guard (aggressive) animal to pets by selective breeding out of the aggressive characteristics.
    Todays’ ‘breeders’ are breeding FOR aggression & pretending it is all about how the animal is raised. Or there is no thought about the blood lines at all.
    I know of 3 loved & well trained family pets that have attacked & in 1 case killed a child.s n
    Yes, it does have to do with training. Yes, it does have to do with breeding. Saying a dog will never be aggressive is like saying people are never aggressive. It just ain’t so. ANY dog when provoked can attack. Some breed won’t be called off.
    As for the gun story, if they are going to legalize drugs like the media & druggies are pushing for we had most certainly better be able to keep our guns for self protection…to say nothing of protecting from aggressive dogs. Whether they are chihuahuas or pets.
    I would really like to see the sterilization idea go thru. All ‘family pets’ of ANY breed should be sterilized.

  7. Annie says:

    Yes, I have met some really nice pit bulls. 1 of them killed the child it lived with.
    Again, it is both the people & the bloodlines. Many, if not most of Southern Oregon’s pits are bred by drug people & are bred for their aggressiveness. Then they are often sold too young-which causes mental glitches in animals (maybe people too?) & very often the mothers are not receiving the needed nutrients to give their offspring health. All goes towards the current problems we have here.
    With the current overpopulation of all pets sterilization is vital. Responsible people will do that simply because it is the right thing to do. It is not a basic human right to backyard breed aggressive dogs. it is not an ‘infringement’ on any rights to try to protect people from irresponsible animal owners.Sorry about disagreeing, Cheri Penny. Well, not really. Maybe when people start being responsible the politics won’t be necessary.

  8. Sarra says:

    That is just not true. It’s sad you would say such a thing. I have a 7 year old Female Pit in my home with 2 boys and a baby on the way. My dog is very nice and she has never hurt anyone. Betty is really good with kids and she is protective of her family. I’m glad you option don’t matter.

  9. realistic says:

    The issue is a Pit Bull can cause serious injury or death and a small breed can not. Having a potential dangerous dog comes with more responsibility and hopefully that’s what the law will force those who choose these dogs to do. That’s all.

  10. Dean says:

    I do service work at peoples homes for a living. When I pull up in their driveway and see pits or rottweilers I do not get out of my car. I even ask people to put their dog away completely. They always tell me their dog would never hurt anybody but the minute they turn their back the dog changes to protector. Just because your dog is nice to you and your family doesn’t mean squat if you can’t control it. I’ve had little kids go and open the door where the dog is put up and all the sudden I’m in a world of crap. It’s true that any dog can be aggressive but I can deal with most breeds not pits , rottweilers, and mastiffs. I don’t believe there is even 1 case of a chihuahua killing somebody. As far as guns go , they don’t pull their own trigger like a pit does. I love dogs but people have proven that they can’t control certain breeds over and over. With that being said , I am still opposed to government control over dogs , guns , or just about anything that takes away freedom. People want safety but every time the government removes some risk they also remove a little freedom. But I am all for stiffer penalties for people who can’t control those freedoms.

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