Medford Man Sues City, Police

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MEDFORD, Ore. – A Medford man is suing the city of Medford, the Medford Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff. He says 2 years ago, he was improperly placed in protective custody and had his guns seized. The man says he’s been the target of constant harassment from officers since the incident.

David Pyles’ former house here on Effie Street sits empty, Pyles has moved away and the house has been declared vacant earlier this year, but the memories of an incident that occurred here nearly three years ago are still lingering, and now its resulted in a lawsuit against the people involved. In March 2010, David Pyles was placed on leave from his job at ODOT, and bought 3 firearms. Police were concerned he would retaliate against his employer. A swat team was sent outside his house, and negotiated for Pyles to come out.

Police say Pyles voluntarily gave up his guns as he was taken into protective custody. The guns were returned a short time later after a mental health evaluation. Pyles is now filing a lawsuit against the city of Medford, police, and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, saying they violated his civil rights.

The lawsuit also says he was wrongfully arrested in august of this year. Court records show Pyles was arrested for improper use of 911. In a statement, Pyles said, “I understand the events of March 2010 and August 2012 are related, based on the obvious, outrageous police abuse, mistreatment and misconduct[…]by the city of Medford and Jackson County.”

The Oregon Firearms Federation, which has been in contact with Pyles since 2010, says the police should never have taken the guns in the first place. Attorney’s representing the city declined comment. Medford Police also declined to comment on this case because of that pending lawsuit.