Medford Man Now A Navy Captain

MEDFORD, Ore. – Members of the greater Medford Rotary Club gathered Friday morning to see one of their members receive an officers rank in the Navy seldom awarded in the SeaBees.

Roger Blank has been in the Navy for 39 years. He started as an enlisted sailor, then became an officer after moving through almost all the enlisted ranks.

Now he’s a captain, and on Friday, Admiral Paula Brown swore him in and his wife pinned on the Eagle insignia of a Captain during the Rotary Club Meeting at the Medford Country Club.

“Roger is the only Captain in the Reserve Civil Engineer Corps, or soon-to-be Captain in our LDO program. We don’t make very many of those. This is extremely special,” stated Admiral Paula Brown.

LDO means “Limited Duty Officer” program. Blank met his wife at Rotary, and several members of his family were there for today’s ceremony.