Medford Gets New SWAT Vehicle

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford Police have a new SWAT vehicle that they say could withstand multiple hits from a 50-caliber, full metal jacket weapon.

The $260,000 Humvee-like truck built on a Ford F-550 chassis can provide protection for 10 officers, who can sight a gun through the revolving gun turret on the roof or gun portals in the doors or walls. The truck was paid for with savings from the Medford Police budget and they say it should last 25 years; it is expected to be used about 20 times a year.

“We don’t know when the call is going to come but when it does come and it requires something like this, then we need to be there and struggling with mechanical difficulties is not the level of service that we’d like to provide,” Medford Police Sgt. Ben Lytle

The first time the SWAT truck was used was last week during a standoff in Medford. It had been delivered earlier in the day and was sent out with a second SWAT vehicle in the early afternoon.


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  1. Milt says:

    Now theres money well spent?????????????????? would have been better spent on training
    on how too treat people that pay them with more respect. and how to deal with people with handicaps and disabilities.

    1. Keith says:

      Actually, no. Your ideas for training are already being addressed. The SWAT vehicle is addressing an area that will give law enforcement a greater tactical advantage for capturing criminals. Also the SWAT vehicle can help protect cops in dangerous situations.

  2. dd says:

    Well they wont have to get out of the car to shoot people now.And that looks like some thing we could use in war.Its always good that our police are safe.But that just seems a bit much.Capturing criminals thats not to capture anyone its made to kill.And that doesnt surprise me at all because excessive force by shooting and tasing.Seems to be an issue .Police have a hard job but they need to learn how to injure people without killing them.People should not have to fear there law enforcement they are there to protect and serve.I feel the 260,000 dollars used on that one vehicle could have been better spent.

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