Medford Fire Works on CPR Techniques

12-21 jbo medford fireMEDFORD, Ore. – Medford Fire is training its crews to save more lives through cardiac resuscitation.

Thursday through Saturday the department held its quarterly CPR requirement for all firefighters and emergency medical crews.

The training covered basic life-saving measures, how to improve response time, and even how to adjust to variables like a person’s medical history.

“On top of not only performing the care that we need to quickly, especially in a cardiac arrest, we have to do what we call a lot of detective work,” said Medford Fire paramedic and CPR coordinator Eli Champagne. “And that means we have to get a good history, or try to.”

Medford fire officials say the district currently has around a 25% survival rate in cases of cardiac arrest. Their goal is to get up to 50% survival rate — both through regular training and public CPR education.

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  1. John Cortez says:

    There are lots of different emergency calls in a certain community. In a big town, firefighters and paramedics get calls almost everyday. They must therefore be updated and prepared for anything.

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