Medford Fire Raises Fire Awareness

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Fire crews are preparing homeowners for what they’re saying could be a very long fire season. Ready, Set, Go is a national program started in California.

Experts say 80% of homes lost to wildfires could have been saved through preparation and with the high risk of fire in Medford’s surrounding hills and natural areas, they’re hoping to get started on that preparation early.

Medford Fire will be doing home visits by request through the fire season to evaluate homes for preparedness.

The Ready, Set, Go program calls for homeowners to remove dead or dying vegetation, trim trees, and remove leaf litter anywhere within thirty feet of the house. It also says to keep grass no longer than four inches within a hundred feet, and to look for areas where ember can gather such as rooftops or eaves.

Fire crews will also be assisting residents in creating an evacuation plan. They say in the right conditions, wildfires can travel one or two blocks in a matter of seconds.

Medford Fire will be doing visits by appointment every day of the week except Sunday. They will stop doing holding Saturday appointments once fire season starts. They say the earlier you take advantage, the better.

The Oregon Department of Forestry has not declared fire season in Jackson County yet, but they say given the hot, dry conditions this spring, it could very well start soon.