Medford Expands Pay-By-Phone Parking

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford is expanding its pay-by-phone parking. This will essentially allow you to double your time at certain spots downtown.

The service can now be used on Central Street between 8th and 10th, and 9th Street between Riverside and Front. City officials say the first hour is still free, but you can now purchase an additional hour for a dollar via phone or app.

Pay-by-phone users will be able to track things like where they parked and how much time they have left. It will even notify you if your space is going to expire.

“This is just kind of the first six months. We’ll try it on these two streets, see how well it works, and then we’ll be talking to the businesses on other streets to see if it works well and they want to expand it to their locations as well,” explained Lynette O’Neal, Assistant to the Deputy City Manager.

The city already has pay-by-phone parking in two parking garages and four lots throughout downtown. Officials say they are looking to expand it more in the future.